HACK your way into a job (no experience required)

HACK your way into a job (no experience required)
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It's hard to get a job in IT. In this video, NetworkChuck will show you how you can get a job in information technology with no experience. Tired of getting passed up for Information Technology jobs? It’s probably your resume! In this video NetworkChuck is not only going to show you 4 of the greatest resume tips out there, but he is also going to show you how to create your own website resume so that you can cruise your way into your dream job!! If you want to become a Network Engineer, Cloud Engineer, Ethical Hacker, Systems Engineer, these resume and resume website tips will help you get a job even if you don't have any experience.

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0:00 ⏩ Intro
3:51 ⏩ Creating your site
5:59 ⏩ Getting started with your resume website!
7:27 ⏩ How can we make the best resume for you?
8:52 ⏩ Resume tip #1: Don’t make your resume crazy!
11:45 ⏩ Resume tip #2: Put the important stuff up top!
19:37 ⏩ Resume tip #3: Create your resume for the job you want!
22:44 ⏩ Resume tip #4: Don’t be an idiot
27:45 ⏩ Back to our website!
35:05 ⏩ How do we overcome a lack of experience?
39:23 ⏩ Outro

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