Does Quantum Entanglement Allow for Faster-Than-Light Com...

Does Quantum Entanglement Allow for Faster-Than-Light Communication?
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Quantum entanglement allows particles to affect one another faster than the speed of light. So does this mean we could one day build a device to exploit this and enable superluminal communication? A popular trope in sci-fi for sure, but today let's look at the science.

Presented by Prof David Kipping (Columbia). Special thanks to Prof. Ehud Altman (Berkeley), Prof Tim Byrnes (NYU) & Prof. Raquel Queiroz (Columbia) for fact checking our script.

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::Further video resources::
► "Why You Can't Use Quantum Mechanics to Communicate Faster Than Light?" by Looking Glass Universe
► "The puzzling tension between faster-than-light communication and quantum mechanics" by NYU Quantum Technology Lab:

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00:00 The FTL Dream
02:10 Relativistic FTL?
03:41 Quantum FTL?
06:27 Quantum 101
09:01 FTL Action at Distance
10:33 How to Exploit?
12:23 Idea 1: Repeat Measurements
14:16 Idea 2: Double Slits
18:04 Idea 3: XY Switching
22:20 Where From Here?
28:11 Outro & Credits

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