Can AI Replace Our Graphic Designer?

Can AI Replace Our Graphic Designer?
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DALL-E 2 from OpenAI can create shockingly impressive images from complex prompts in a matter of seconds — but luckily for Tim, it still isn't as robust as a real graphic designer.

00:00 Intro
00:20 Preamble
01:59 Tools and Setup
03:17 Prompt #1
08:29 Prompt #2
10:34 Prompt #3
12:24 Side-by-Sides
18:28 Reveal

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Canon EOS R5:
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Unsplash artist credits:
Jeremy Manoto - @jmanoto
Joshua J. Cotten - @jcotten
Mehtab Farooq - @mehtabfarooq94
Xu Haiwei - @mrsunburnt
Pablo Martinez - @pablomp
Erol Ahmed - @erol
Ave Calvar -
Thomas Jarrand - @tom32i
Magda B - @magdablw
Europeana - @europeana
Savannah Wakefield -

Shot and edited by Hayato Huseman
Graphics by Tim McMahon and Michael Emerick