Six computers in one: Mini ITX Clusterboard

Six computers in one: Mini ITX Clusterboard
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It's time to experiment with the new 6-node Raspberry Pi Mini ITX motherboard, the DeskPi Super6c! This video will explore Ceph, for storage clustering, since the board has six NVMe SSDs on the bottom, thanks to the video's sponsor, KIOXIA!

Products used in this build (some links are affiliate links):

- DeskPi Super6c:
- Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4:
- Goodisory MX01 Mini ITX case:
- Arctic F12 Silent 120mm fan:
- SanDisk 32GB Extreme microSD Cards:
- Kioxia XG6 NVMe SSD:

Open source code to set up the cluster is in this GitHub repository:

And the IO shield design: :5465766

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- YouTube series:

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00:00 - It's CLUSTERIN' Time!
00:50 - DeskPi Super6c
03:48 - The build
05:33 - It boots!
06:30 - Ansible orchestration
07:43 - Distributed storage
09:08 - Ceph setup and benchmarks
11:16 - Can it beat a $12k appliance?
11:48 - vs Turing Pi 2
12:35 - What it's good for