James Webb Telescope Just Detected A Massive Structure Ol...

James Webb Telescope Just Detected A Massive Structure Older Than The Universe
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The James Webb Space Telescope has revolutionized the way we look at the universe in less
than a year. Since its launch on December 25, 2021 multiple images captured by the largest
telescope with potentially the highest infrared resolution and sensitivity have been going viral
around the globe. James Webb is no doubt the most advanced telescope in human history. The
telescope's integrated science instrument module or ISIM framework provides it with electrical
power, computing framework, cooling capability and structural stability. The ISIM also holds the
four science instruments and the guide camera of the telescope. The infrared imager NIRICam
serves as the Observatory's wavefront sensor while the NIRISpec performs spectroscopy over
the same wavelength range as that of NIRICam. The Mid-Infrared Instrument measures the mid
to long infrared wavelengths and the Fine Guidance Center and Near Infrared Imager and
Slitless Spectrograph is used to stabilize the line of sight during the science observations. So far
the images and data received from the JWST are well worth the ten billion spent on building this
miraculous invention. The first ever in ages from the telescope were revealed to the world on
July 12, 2022 and experts believe these pictures from the largest and most powerful telescope
in the world demonstrate Webb at its absolute best, fully prepared to further unravel the infrared
universe. These included images of cosmic cliffs in the carina nebula, exoplanet WASP-06b,
southern ring nebula, Stephen's quintet and the brilliant deep field view of the universe. But
these were just the first batch, since then the James Webb Telescope has provided scientists
with even more dazzling and awe-inspiring images of the cosmos. Some of these images have
left astronomers and cosmologists quite confused. A flood of astronomical papers has been
published since the revelation of these images and data from the JWST, a few of these papers
have incited panic among the cosmologists. But what exactly is the reason behind this wave of
panic? Well, it's the assumption that the findings of James Webb Space Telescope are blatantly
and repeatedly contradicting the Big Bang Theory. In order to better understand what's going
on, we first need to understand what the Big Bang exactly is

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