James Webb Telescope FINALLY Proves The Big Bang Theory I...

James Webb Telescope FINALLY Proves The Big Bang Theory Is Wrong!
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The James Webb Space Telescope was eagerly awaited before its launch last year! However,
now that the most powerful and most expensive ever telescope is in operation, the JWST is
threatening to turn astronomy upside down with a single finding! The latest pictures from the
JWST have proven the Big Bang theory did not happen, sending the scientific community into a
frenzy! What are these latest pictures from JWST? How do the pictures prove the Big Bang
theory was wrong? Join us as we dive into how the James Webb Space Telescope finally proved
the Big Bang theory is wrong!
How expensive can a telescope get? The James Webb Space Telescope set a new record in that
regard! In terms of work hours, the telescope guzzled millions of hours, with development
stretching over decades! In terms of money, no other telescope comes near, at 10 billion dollars!
The JWST was also an engineering nightmare as it involved designing it to fit the launch rocket!
No rocket was large enough to contain it, so the engineers had to design it to fold in multiple
places! The large heat shield folded and had to be unfurled as it journeyed to its permanent

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