China 5G RF chip breakthrough again! US blocked storage c...

China 5G RF chip breakthrough again! US blocked storage chips
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Recently Chinese technology companies said 5G RF chips have delivered some orders to cell phone companies, which is another Chinese RF chip companies after Zhuosheng Micro, Fu Man Micro and other chips to achieve mass production of 5G RF chips, highlighting the rapid progress of Chinese chips, proving that the U.S. approach will only accelerate the growth of Chinese chips.

The P50 Pro released by Huawei in 2021 used the Kirin 9000 chip with integrated 5G baseband, but it could not support 5G. Industry sources pointed out that it should be because Huawei's stock of 5G RF chips had run out, resulting in the P50 Pro not being able to support 5G, at which point the industry suddenly realized that not only the cell phone chip might be constrained by the United States, but the 5G RF chip was also pinched by the United States.
It is reported that the United States holds the 5G RF chip, because the United States and Japan monopoly of the key components - filter, the United States and Japan occupy 95% of the filter market share, due to the mastery of the key components of the RF chip, the United States was able to achieve a monopoly market position in the RF chip market.