Coke Studio Season 9- Uddi Ja- Mohsin Abbas Haider

Coke Studio Season 9| Uddi Ja| Mohsin Abbas Haider
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Coke Studio Season 9| Episode 4
Uddi Ja, Mohsin Abbas Haider
Music Directed by Jaffer Zaidi
Produced by Strings.

‘Uddi Ja’ marks the debut of Mohsin Abbas Haider on Coke Studio, playing to the strength of the lyrics penned by himself, and easily settling into the euphoric atmosphere of the music directed by Jaffer Zaidi. In a mesmerizing song, originally composed by Mohsin, his vocals drift on the surface of the melody, whilst the undertones of the Qawwali part conjure layers of emotions that hold on to the listener. Maintaining the soul of the melody, the intimate setting of the music reflects the traditional feel of the instrumentation played at shrines. #CokeStudio9