Coke Studio Season 9- Tu Hi Tu- Mehwish Hayat & Shiraz Up...

Coke Studio Season 9| Tu Hi Tu| Mehwish Hayat & Shiraz Uppal
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Coke Studio Season 9| Episode 3
Tu Hi Tu, Mehwish Hayat & Shiraz Uppal
Music Directed by Shiraz Uppal
Produced by Strings

‘Tu Hi Tu’ has all the seamless pop ingredients that have the power to make a romantic love ballad a promising debut for Mehwish Hayat, on Coke Studio in her duet with Shiraz Uppal. With a refreshing Bossa Nova feel, the track – penned by Shakeel Sohail – stands out from the crowd whilst maintaining the essence of the romance through the glistening soundscape. The collaboration of Mehwish and Shiraz’s vocals are perfectly complimented in this easy-listening track combined with an infectious melody that will stay with the listener. #CokeStudio9