Blind 10-Year-Old Learns To Read Print With Help From Or...

Blind 10-Year-Old Learns To Read Print With Help From OrCam MyEye
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#AD Hilda says that when her son, Ashton, was two months old, doctors told her he had a condition that caused blindness. Today, she says that Ashton, now 10, has limited vision in one eye and wears glasses for protection.
“Once I accepted that Ashton was blind, my main goal was to give Ashton a normal life with every opportunity in his path,” she says.
Hilda says she recently learned about the OrCam MyEye, a hands-free, voice-assisted technology specifically designed for people who are blind, visually impaired, or have reading challenges. Within three months of using the device, Hilda reports that Ashton, who is also studying Braille, has learned how to read print.
“I was really proud because now I can do things independently,” says Ashton. “I also like that I can read and write for myself.”
Dr. Bryan Wolynski, an optometrist and OrCam spokesperson, says, “The technology in the device is life-changing. It’s able to read, does facial recognition, and you can also recognize products while shopping, as well as recognize money.”
Additionally, the new “Hey, OrCam” voice assistant lets users control features on the device hands-free and without the need for Wi-Fi.
Watch the video above to see Ashton demonstrate how the device works. You can follow Hilda’s personal blog on Instagram
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