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Moner Manush | A Musical Short | Devtanu | Suvosmita | Aritra Banerje | Acfilms | Dekhechi Rupsagore
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This #DurgaPuja is different. So the #pujosong this year has to be different than usual. Presenting you the #MonerManus, a musical short film by Abhishekh Chowdhury.

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Abhisekh Chowdhury Films:

Ishan :
Diti :

Aritra Banerjee:

Synopsis: Like all of us, Ishan lost many things this year from his life. So one day he came to goddesses Durga and praying to her to settle the things. Suddenly he met Diti. They spent the whole day together and both of them felt for themselves.

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Song: Dekhechi Rupsagore Moner Manush
Cast: Devtanu & Suvosmita
Created By: Abhishek Chowdhury
Singer: Aritra Banerjee
Edit & CC: Argha Chakraborty
Assist: Dibyojyoti Saha
Sound: Pratik Pradhan
Makeup & Look: Neel Sarkar